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Tip: Don't do tech edits when you're under the weather

This just goes to show that, even if you've got several published designs already, that you can always learn something new.

On New Years Eve I launched a massive update to my Ancestral Fingerless Mittens pattern. After 10 years since I first designed the pattern for adults, I added 4 new sizes. There is now a toddler, young child, mid child, pre/tween, and adult size.

Before publishing the final version of the new sizes I had to update the tech edits.

I so desperately wanted you to all have the new sizes ready for the New Year that I ignored my own "not feeling too great" signs and I persevered with my deadline. No one else had set that deadline. And if I'd waited a few days no one would have known any different. But I went ahead and made the necessary tech edits anyway.

And the result?.... Two major fixes were missed. The first one a few days later. And the second edit today. Just now in fact.

So in future I think I will listen to my "not feeling too great" moments and delay my own deadlines.

My sincere apologies for the errors. This pattern is the one that means the most to me of all my designs. It is my go-to project and my zen. When knitting isn't relaxing me, this pattern does. I hope you can find the same peace too.

Best wishes, - & happy crafting,

Sam xox

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