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How to Avoid Ladders Under the Armpit on Top Down Knitwear

Have you ever knit a top down cardigan, only to find afterwards (or even during knitting) that the stitches under the arm start to ladder a little?

On top down cardigans, such as the Sweetpea Cardigan, it is common for a ladder to form under the arm where the back and front of the body joins together. This happens because the tension in the form of the cardigan stretches the stitches and pulls a little extra yarn into the horizontal bars of your knitting.

Usually this is dealt with by sewing the stitches together on the wrong side after the cardigan is finished. But this is time consuming, and sometimes a little messy. Especially when there is a better way.

Check out the video in my article that shows you an easy little trick that helps stop this from happening. Click the button below.

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